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Star Trail Above The Roman Sumps - SyracuseEarthshine Moon Trail Above Mount Inici - SicilyStar Trail Over the Church Of Borgo Giuliano - SicilyStar Trail Among the Wild Tulips of BlufiStar Trail and The Eruption Cloud Above Mount EtnaEnchanted Moments At Vendicari Reserve - SicilyWinter Star Trail On The Slope Of Mount EtnaEarthshine Moon Above Above Cefalà Diana Castle - SicilyMoon Trail Above Piazza Armerina And Mount Etna - SicilyThe Drama Of Immigration -Vendicari - SicilyNorthern Hemisphere Star Trail on Lake Biviere -Sicily  SIcilyAn Autumn Picture On The Maulazzo Lake - SicilyMoonlight Star Trail Above A Lavender Field - SicilySickle Moon Trail Above The Temple Of Concord - Temples Valley - Unesco World Heritage SiteGame Of Reflections - Triple Star Trail At Biviere Di Cesarò Lake - Sicily2021 Super Moon Trail Over Mazzarino Castle - SicilyMoonlight Star Trail Over a Wild Tulips Field - Blufi - SIcilyMoon Trail Over The Wild Tulips Field - Blufi - SicilyReflected Star Trail Over Lake Biviere Di Cesarò  2Refletcted Star Trail Over Lake Biviere Di Cesarò