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“The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance.” (Socrate)


Sharing your knowledge with others does not make you less important!



Everyone knows that in internet is quite easy to find lots of sites hosting fantastic galleries with incredible shots of the night sky.

How many photographers are sharing the artistic and technical knowledge that is behind their results?

How many of them will teach you how to improve your images like this or will even show their original photos?




“Astrophotography….behind the scenes!” will try to guide the visitors through the entire workflow: from planning the shot at home, to the field and then again at home for the post production.


Am I afraid to share my knowledge? No at all. Once a friend told me: “if someone is smart enough and you do not teach him, it is all a matter of time and he will get even better results. If he is not, he will not understand the knowledge that you will share. So what’s the problem??? Let’s share it in any case!!!!”

So I will try to do, I will tell what’s “behind the scenes”!


When you will capture your sky, when you will paint your sky, do not be afraid: share your knowledge!!!!!!



February 12, 2017

Hallo to everybody! as many of you already noticed, I decided to change my facebook page and site description from Dario Giannobile - Astrophotography...behind the scenes!!! to


Dario Giannobile - Astrophotography...Nights and History of Sicily.


Why did I decide so?
When I created my own page and site in 2014, I had few time to go outside taking photos at the night sky! I had more time to dedicate to post processing in the attempt to share what was behind the scenes of my shots.

Time passed and I started to take so many photos that was almost impossible to develop the tutorials I thought to write at the origin.

On the other hand my work assumed a precise idea.
From the content point of view there was a common denominator: the beauty and history of my land shown through the night sky!
From the style point of view, colours and contrast were the means to bring the observer within the scene, the atmosphere and the feelings of such places.
The PPW remains the basis of my workflow.

I'm not giving up the idea to share my knowledge. Whoever wants an advise or to go deep in post processing will receive my full attention and availability!!!!

May be in a couple of years the concept of my work will change again...and so will the description of my site. Until then, please take pleasure from the Nights and History of Sicily!!!!!




And now begins the boring part of this page!


Dario GiannobileDario GiannobileJust Me! I'm a photographer (ops, am I?) and I'm really passionate about nightscape photography. I first started to shoot photos to deep sky objects when digital photography did not exist. My results were modest at that time as long as my knowledge of the post production process. At that period I had a lot of time to spend to astrophotography that I always made by means of modest instruments: a telescope for beginner, economic lens and so on...but still I remember the enthusiasm I felt every time I removed the film from the analogic camera and waited until the positive (or negative) film were developed!

Today things have changed: I finished off my studies (I'm chemical engineer), I have a beautiful family and, as far as it is concerned to this passion, analogic photography is not common anymore!

Today I shoot my photos with my canon 7d and I went in deep on colour theory and colour correction techniques that I would like to share with you. Even my passion changed a bit, moving from the deep sky photography to night sky and landscape photography including natural and historical elements along with the beauties of the sky.

I live in Sicily (Italy) which offers lots of points of interest from the historical and naturalistic point of view and six of the Unesco Heritage Sites such as Syracuse (where I live) and the rocky necropolis of Pantalica that a day I hope to photograph.


My photographic work is mainly divided in the sections: the galleries (The Sky) where you can already find lots of interesting shots and the blog (Behind the Scenes) where I publish from time to time the workflow behind the photos.

In the galleries you will find also a collection of photos named Before - After where it is possible to compare the original shot with the final result of postproduction.


As you can see, the graphic of dariogiannobile.com was design to be minimal in order to improve the visitor's experience. I decided not to apply any advertisement and even in the galleries you will not find the social buttons (I Like) that have been kept only in the blog section and only for the most important social networks.

I do not intend to earn money by means of this site but, nevertheless, you can buy the photo you like. In this case I hope to pay back the annual expenses to keep this site alive! If you decide to buy any photo, I grant you that the best photographic lab will do the job even if this means a higher cost which is not applied to the final customer. I have no idea if the prices are fair but I believe so! They are lower than the ones that similar sites apply to their photos.

I hope that you will really appreciate this project and will return to find new interesting images and articles!


Syracuse (Italy)



My photographic inventory at the moment? once very modest, now no more:

1) Canon 7d;

2) Tokina 11-16 f2.8;

3) Tamron 17-50 f2.8 VC;

4) A tripod with a gear head both from Manfrotto;

5) Remote controller Canon TC80N3.

6) Canon EF 70-200mm f/2,8L IS USM II

7) Flash Speedlite 600RX-RT

8) Sigma Art 20 mm f1.4;

9) Sigma Art 14 mm f1.8;

10) Vixen Polarie;

11) 20 € amazon remote controller.

12) Canon 6d

13) Canon 6d mod.



How can you contact me?


There are different ways!

The first one is by linking to the contact page: www.dariogiannobile.com/contact.html and write me an email.

Then you can visit the facebook page: Astrophotography...Behind the Scenes! or my personal FB profile: Dario Giannobile.

I have also a Instagram account, look for @dariogiannobile.

There is a personal profile even in twitter: Dario Giannobile but to be honest I do not use it very much!