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"...It often seems to me that the night is much more alive and richly coloured than the day..."

Vincent Van Gogh, letter to Theo Van Gogh nr 676 Arles, 8/9/1888




There are passions that perhaps have been born with us since we were children. Photography and astronomy have always been part of my life path. In the beginning as a simple curiosity, today as a real passion that I have cultivated since, in 2014, I bought my first semi-professional digital camera. From that moment, I started to shoot at the world that surrounded me under the starry night sky. The more I made my first images, the more I understood that my shots could be a very powerful communication channel with which to transmit the love for my land through a different light. Little by little, I started to explore the most beautiful places in Sicily from both a landscape and historical point of view. Each image became the means by which I make the world to know the richness of a land, which throughout history, thanks to its central position in the Mediterranean, has been the cradle of many civilizations.




My Land, My Love

Cassiopea And The Temple of SegestaCassiopea And The Temple of SegestaCassiopea And The Temple of Segesta In my Sicily, more than in the rest of Italy, the history of different cultures has mixed: the Phoenician, the Greek, the Roman, the Arab culture perfectly integrated into the Norman culture. On my land, French history crossed with Spanish history and then became part of the larger country of the "Great Beauty" which is Italy. Today I am proud to be Italian but I know that in my DNA traces of different peoples and cultures can be found. Being part of the Sicilian people is for me like being part of a single people: the people of the world.




Dreamscapes of Sicily !!!!

Today I understand more than ever that this wealth is further enhanced if taken through the dreamy light of the night. Who has never dreamed looking at the stars of the universe? The dimension of the dream becomes the means by which to involve those who look at my photographs.

APOD#1 - Trails Of Lights And Fires On Mount Etna - Unesco World Heritage SiteAPOD#1 - Trails Of Lights And Fires On Mount Etna - Unesco World Heritage SiteSicily - March 2017, The Volcano Etna woke for the second time in a month.
According to Greek mythology, Hephaestus was the craftsman and smith of gods.
The ancient Greeks and Sicilians believed that he had his abode and his forge under the volcano Etna and that the eruptions were the proof of his mighty work.

From ct.ingv.it: "On the morning of 15 March 2017, a new eruptive episode started at Etna's Southeast Crater. The eruptive vent was located in the area of the former "saddle" between the southeast Crater (SEC) and the New Southeast Crater (NSEC). In the early morning hours of 15 March, a small lava flow started oozing down the south flank of the SEC-NSEC cone complex. Then the eruptive activity rapidly intensified with nearly constant Strombolian explosions that generated amounts of volcanic ash dispersed in the atmosphere. The lava flow had reached the base of the cone and was slowly expanding on the gently sloping terrain toward south.”

The landscape was enlightened by the gentle light of the Moon showing the “Sciara”, the black volcanic, rocks covered by a thick layer of snow.
From the top crater a fountain of lava left traces on the sky in front of a curtain of gentle lights pictured by the stars rotating around Polaris.
I wish everyone could dream of being virtually with me in the fantastic landscapes of my land breathing the scents of the fresh spring grass or feeling the cold on the skin of winter in front of the crystalline sky that can only be observed at those times of the year. I wish you were virtually with me while I watch the summer milky way, listening to the sound of the waves of the sea and breathing the sweet and pricky taste of the saltiness. I would like you to be virtually with me during fall and be fascinated by the warm colours of Etna woods, which, illuminated by the light of the Moon and lava, mix with the turquoise of the sky.

I would like you to be with me dreaming of going back in time to Segesta during the night and imagining how life could unfold around its Doric temple. I would like you to be with me in the Neolithic era in the Pantalica valley, imagining the fires of the villages that illuminate the cliffs with a thousand grotto tombs.



One People, One Sky

Celestial Alignment Over Sicilian ShoreCelestial Alignment Over Sicilian Shore Thanks to the night sky I can travel and take you with me to places and times by accessing the dream dimension. The sky is therefore a precious resource that we must protect because through it we can rediscover the pleasure of dreaming by appreciating the beauty and history of our land ... but let me say you ... of our world. One single people under one unique sky!!!!









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