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Star Anise

Each image is the result of a combination of elements that make it unique: the landscape, the light from the sky, the technique used, the focal length applied and the time during which the shot evolved.
To each technical and geometric element it is possible to add the temporary dimension to create a unique photograph whose final effect is like a hidden fingerprint that is revealed by this never experimented technique.
In detail, this photograph was created by creating a star trail above the Silvestri craters of Mount Etna. An extra dimension has been added to it that shows how the trail evolves over time. They are the single triangular squares that emerge from the center of the image which in turn is unique. It is generated by the typical conformation of the landscape and normally gives life to a wheel or a flower. In this case, the structure of a star anise was created, a natural form made up of 8 elements arranged in the form of an eight-pointed star which in turn is dominated by the stars.