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Venus, M44 and Comet Nishimura Above Vendicari

Sicily is about to be lapped by a Mediterranean cyclone which is approaching its eastern coasts after having passed through the Ionian Sea and the Greek coast. Only a few hours remain before the sky is covered by clouds and yet they are enough to resume a wonderful celestial alignment above the Vendicari tonnara: Venus, M44 and the C/2023 P1 Nishimura. Although the sky is clear, the conditions are not ideal for imaging the faint comet due to the presence of the Moon in the sky. Yet it is precisely the moonlight that gives this image a feeling of serenity and peace with its faint blue light that spreads across the sky to be reflected in the sea together with the reflection of the planet Venus.

Canon 6d, Sigma 50mm, f/2, 5 sec, iso 800, stack of 17 images