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Celestial Alignment Above The Rocks Of Argimusco

On the occasion of Earth Day 2023, April 22, a fascinating celestial alignment occurred between Venus, Aldebaran and the Earthshine Moon. The three objects arranged to form a triangle in the sky as the Moon accompanied the open cluster of the Pleiades. This photograph captures this configuration trying to capture that magical moment suspended between the end of the day and the beginning of the night. The horizon is still illuminated by the last glow of the sunset which, against the light, allows us to glimpse the wonderful rocks of Argimusco. They are gigantic boulders sculpted by atmospheric agents that only in this place give life to a set of anthropomorphic and zoomorphic figures. Here on the left we can see the imposing profile of the praying woman while on the right it is possible to recognize the image of a face carved in the rock. Finally, the image is balanced by a small tree with bare branches that stands out against the sky to the right of the horizon.
Canon 6d, Sigma 24-35mm, f/3.5,
Sky: Stack of 9 images, Iso 800, 8 sec
Landscape: Stack of 9 images, iso 100, AV - Priority