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Milky Way Above the Gonato Farmhouse

The night draws to a close and it's time to go back to your rooms and yet there is still time for one last photograph.
The internal courtyard of Masseria Gonato is dimly lit by the light coming from some rooms. A beam of light projects from the main access door allowing the geometric shapes of the paving to be highlighted. The old farmhouse has been carefully restored leaving the stone construction unchanged. The courtyard lighting is revealed only with a long exposure necessary to capture the summer Milky Way passing over the building. It's a moment made of tiredness from the night spent stargazing but of wonder at the sight of our galaxy standing high in the sky.

Canon 6d, Sigma 14mm, iso 400mm, f/2.8, 120 sec, one image stracked for the sky

3 images for the foreground @60sec, 30sec, 15sec,