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Milky Way Above Inici Castle - Sicily 2

There are two most accredited hypotheses regarding the origin of the castle: according to the historian Tummarello it was at the center of the mythical city of Inico, a very ancient settlement of probably pre-Roman origin, from which it takes its name having been the castle; the historian Pietro Longo and many others argue instead that the ancient city of Atala existed at the foot of Mount Inici, where the castle stands today, founded by the Trojan Aceste in honor of his wife and they cite as proof the fact that, in their time , along the border between the fiefdom of Inici and that of Balata, in the south-west part "under the so-called Beveratoio dei Parchi, there are scraps of tiles, bricks, leftovers from ancient factories and even some column bases".
After its construction, it would see a succession of multiple owners. Over time, the first courtyard would have developed around the castle tower; this tower, in which Charles V of Habsburg was hosted in 1535, is thought to have been built in the year one thousand. Over time, the castle has been owned by various noble families but also by the religious order of the Jesuits during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The castle was inhabited until the 20th century when the 1968 earthquake compromised some buildings until it was abandoned in the state it is in today.
This is another place of memory of Sicily that is being lost in neglect. The starry sky, although not as proud as on a crystalline cold night, allows me to tell you this little story and show you the aspect of the main tower from inside the first courtyard.

Canon 6d, canon 8-15mm, f/4, iso 640, 120 sec, sky tracked