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Colors of Twilight Phases - 183 Images

Colors of Twilight Phases

This image was composed through shots taken in sequence from sunset to the end of the blue hour. The shots that make up the image, frame the small town of Calascibetta from 7.39pm to 8.32pm local time. Each shot was taken in aperture priority and developed while keeping the white balance constant. The photographs have all been composed in order to highlight the chromatic and luminous transition of the twilight. The central flower/wheel, which was created within the image, shows the town of Calascibetta from which the chromatic petals are distributed which recreate the complex shape of a flower. Among the petals it is possible to observe the evolution of the orange hues of twilight when the sun was still present on the horizon. They veer towards the pink of the Belt of Venus which, in turn, is pressed by the blue band or the projection of the earth's shadow on our own atmosphere.
I arranged the different phases of the twilight using 183 images.

Canon 6dmod, Sigma 105mm, f/5.6, iso 100, AV priority