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The embrace of the wind

Like a gentle caress, the wind and the clouds touch the south-east crater of Etna as if to calm its anger.
Here the exact moment in which a lenticular cloud is about to appear is captured. Blowing from the north-west, the breeze carries the microscopic particles of water which, sinuous, follow the profile of the crater as if wanting to envelop it in a calm embrace. They climb up the side, graze the edge, turning red and then descend back to the valley on the south-eastern slope of the volcano. At this juncture the stars shine high, illuminating their celestial path in a firmament tinged with blue by the presence of the Moon, the brilliant star of this almost winter night... and everything combines to enchant a moment of pure magic, making me proud to have been a spectator. .

Canon 6d, Sigma 150-600m, f/5.6, iso 640, 30 sec x 46