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Norman Arab Palermo Under the Stars

How much story can a single photograph contain?
It's difficult to say when the framed scenario is that of the city of Palermo. Awarded the recognition of a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its monuments that show the contamination between Norman and Arab art, Palermo literally leaves you breathless. It's an amazement in which you are involved while walking in the alleys and streets of the historic center and I could hardly have thought that I would have been more emotionally affected. Yet it happened! the view from the top of the bell tower of San Giuseppe Cafasso is extraordinary. Taking advantage of the last moments of light I had the opportunity to photograph at the same time: San Giovanni degli Eremiti with its five red domes, the Norman palace also home to the astronomical observatory of which the small domes can be glimpsed and the cathedral, Federico's resting place II. Furthermore, it is possible to observe the Utveggio castle on Monte Pellegrino and the oratory of San Mercurio which is almost hidden among the roofs of the historic city.
Finally, a small star trail surrounds the sky of the city but it is only a timid hint that pales in comparison to so much history and so much beauty.
Canon 6d, Canon 8-15mm,
Landscape: iso 100, f/4, from 5 to 0.3 sec
Sky: 225 images, f/4, f/5.6, 30 sec