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Two Eyes Towards The Universe, One Look Through the tower of Mongialino - Sicily

The most interesting peculiarity of the castle of Mongialino certainly lies in the interior of its tower. It was built around a central column with a diameter of about 8 meters from which branch off a multitude of pointed arches which had the task of supporting the upper structure which has now collapsed. The tower develops around this central column which was hollow internally and performed the function of a cistern. Entering the tower there is a great sense of grandeur. The structure overlooks you but, at the same time, offers the possibility of projecting your gaze outwards through the two opposite slits. They look like two big eyes that observe the movement of the stars.
This image, as well as the historical and architectural description, was inspired by the work of Diego Barucco: Sicily Forgotten, travel diary.

Canon 6d, Canon 8-15mm
SKY: 30 sec, iso 3200, 70 images
Foreground: 2 image