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Star Trail Above The Sciara On Mount Etna

Etna has just been covered in snow and appears in all its beauty illuminated by the light of the moon. The sky is turquoise and seems to contrast with the warm color of the solidified lava. The view is breathtaking because it is taken from the edge of the upper sylvan craters here in the foreground. The crater is made up of smaller craters and measures 250m long and 100m wide. Here, in the foreground, it is possible to see the first one with a circular shape and a width of 100 meters in radius. Its depth leaves you amazed despite the distortion of the fish eye does not allow you to guess its 50 meters of depth. The shot was taken by centering the north celestial pole on the summit craters, while the curves of the crater in the foreground seem to continue the star trails on the ground.

Canon 6dmod, Sigma 14mm, f/5.6, iso 800, 60 sec, 202 shots