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Star Trail Above Lake Trearie - Sicily

Trearie Lake is as still as a mirror. Its hills are perfectly reflected on its surface, creating a fantastic game of symmetries. High in the sky, the stars revolve around the north celestial pole which almost coincides with the North Star. The vortex that is created is almost hypnotic and seems to enchant the observer and transport him towards infinity. See that little light over the hill? that's me, after placing the camera on the edge of the lake and walking up the hillside. Not exactly an easy path with the weight of almost all the equipment. Sacrifices that only those who decide to leave their comfortable and warm corner under the roof of their home can really understand. This is astrophotography for me, a way to be in direct contact with the universe even though this can mean enormous sacrifices! everything pays off!

canon 6d, Sigma 14mm, f/2.5, 20 sec, iso 800, stack of 251 images