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Star Trail Among The Etna Woods

Remaining to observe the stars, immersed in the nature of an autumn night, allows you to get in tune with the universe. It is a set of sensations stimulated by the contrast between the warm colors of the vegetation now close to winter rest and the intense tones of the evergreen conifers. The stars appear as small gems in a turquoise sky illuminated by the Moon and all around the environment is pervaded by the moist and intense scents of the leaves and dry ferns that cover the under wood. Even the rustle of the wind contrasts with the silence sometimes disturbed only by the call of some animal. The final image summarizes the passage of time represented by the star rotation that takes place behind a tree whose bare branches tell us the most fascinating season of the year.

canon 6d, canon 8-15mm, f/4, iso 1600, 20 sec, around 1000 shots