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Earthshine Moon Above Palazzolo Acreide - Unesco Site

I had planned two shots during the alignment between Venus and the Moon: one with the 105mm wide field and another with the 300mm telephoto lens. With this last shot I was hoping to immortalize the moon just above the horizon of Palazzolo Acreide together with Venus but the clouds have hidden the alignment. Well hidden I would say no because the Moon showed itself in all its beauty just before disappearing behind the cloud cover. The final image remains highly evocative with the outline of the clouds illuminated by the white glow of the moonlight. Below you can see the city of Palazzolo Acreide, a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its monuments in Sicilian Baroque style which in this photograph can be glimpsed in the center with the church of San Sebastiano and just below right with the church of St. Paul.

Canon 6d, Sigma 150-600mm f/5.6, iso 1600, 1.3 sec, HDR for the landscape