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Milky Way And Gresti Castle

Milke Way Above Castle Gresti

Track & Blend

Unfortunately, the restrictions of this last period do not leave us many creative possibilities to immortalize new places and mysterious nights under the stars. Nevertheless, some small gems still remain in the hard disk ready to be shared. You have already lived this journey with me at the Gresti castle and you are passionate with me in reading the story of an evening spent among the calls of crows and the incredible bright purple of thistle flowers. Well! ... if you can't physically travel, travel with me with this other shot that shows the castle in its entirety. On the left you can see a small church located above the rocky spur from which this huge boulder detached here in the foreground. High in the sky, despite the light pollution on the horizon, it is possible to see the Milky Way accompanied by Saturn and Jupiter, the two bright points just below to the left of the galactic center.

FB&IG: @dariogiannobile

canon 6d, canon 8-15mm, f/4, 120 sec, iso 1600