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wild Iridescent Clouds 2

Wild Iridescent Clouds 2


The iridescent clouds are the effect of diffraction that can occur in the presence of very thin clouds and composed of drops of water of similar size to each other. The formation of these colors takes the name of iridescences from the name of Iris / Iris to which the Greeks attributed the personification of the rainbow.
Although these colors can manifest themselves mainly in the edges of the clouds and with a distribution apparently with subtle and delicate shades, when the distribution of the drops is uniform throughout the cloud they appear as a circular crown. What makes the formation of these shades fascinating is their evolution over time which in fact follows the evolution and movements of the cloud in which they are formed.
This image is an example of how rich and amazing the distribution of these colors can be, the details of which are made evident by the use of an extremely high focal length.

canon 6d, sigma 150-600mm, f/22, 1/4000, iso 100