Dario Giannobile, Astrophotography...Nights and History of Sicily | Moon Trail

"Moon Trail", a collection of photos that capture the path of the Moon in the sky
Venus Moon and Mercury Trail Above The Ancient Greek Theatre in Syracuse - ItalyMoon Rising Over Syracuse Unesco World Heritage SiteMoon Rising Over The Harbor Of PozzalloPartial Lunar Ecplise Over Alcamo - Sicily 3Partial Lunar Ecplise Over Alcamo - Sicily2Partial Lunar Ecplise Over Alcamo - SicilyA Crown For Saint Lucy - Syracuse - Unesco World HeritageSinking Moon Above The Clouds over FavignanaMoon Twilight at Marsala's Salt PondsThe moon and The Lighthouse - Plemmirio  - SyracuseSpring Moon Trail - Plemmirio - Syracuse - Unesco World Heritage SiteMoon Trail Behind The Cathedral - Syracuse - Unesco World Heritage Site bisLords of The Winter Nights At Piazza Duomo OrtygiaLunar Eclipse Over Modica - Sicily bisMoon Eclipse Over Modica - SicilyMoon Trail at Ortygia - Unesco World HeritageAugust 2014 Super Moon over the AnaktoronMoon rising above the two brothers rockThe Moon and the Lighthouse at PlemmirioMoon Rising Above a Wheat Field