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Sturgeon Super Moon Above The Walls of Cefalà Diana Castle

The castle of Cefalà Diana was built to defend the ancient Magna via Panormi, on a rocky ridge in a strategic point for controlling the passage of goods that passed from Agrigento to Palermo from the hinterland.
A rich archaeological heritage attests to the existence of a residential nucleus since Roman times. Of the Castle, from the XIII-XIV century, only a robust quadrangular crenellated tower remains and the ruins of the surrounding walls dominate the wide panorama which is the background to the Rocca Busambra. It is located close to the building which extends over a slope with a view of the luxuriant valley of the Eleuterio. The castrum in the thirteenth century. it replaced the old Norman castellum of which news came through a document of 1121 in which, between the boundaries of a farm in the territory of Vicari, appears "...viam castelli cognomento Cephalas"; Another document of 1460 names it "Chifala lu vechu", that is the ancient Cefalà. The novum castellum has inherited the strategic and military functions of this ancient castral building. The town, frequented in the Byzantine period, after the Norman conquest became part of the diocese of Agrigento. It became a feud at the end of the 12th century, with a largely Muslim population (as evidenced by a document dating back to 1242 drawn up not only in Latin but also in Arabic).
The main tower (12.60 meters long, 8.40 meters wide and 20 meters high) crowned by a terrace with battlements, is placed on the highest point of the rocky cliff.
This image shows the Super Moon of August 2023 rising between the castle walls and taking on the color of the adjacent main tower.

Canon 7d, Sigma 150-600mm @900mm eq, from 1 to 2 sec for the landscape, iso 100, f/8, 1 image for the moon @iso 800, f/6.3, 1/60 sec.