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The Eagle of Argimusco And The North America

One of the elements that most fascinate me about the Argimusco site is undoubtedly the rock of the eagle. It takes its name from the shape shaped over time by the atmospheric elements and which feeds the myth according to which these stones were actually sculpted by man. This rock in particular has a very intriguing aspect for those who, like me, love the sky: the eagle's head is turned towards the sky. Aware of this element, I decided to immortalize the stars Deneb and Sadr of the Cygnus constellation in the act of rising above the rock. I wanted the eagle to be perfectly aligned so that it looked like it was looking at the beauty of this portion of the Milky Way. It is rich in emission nebulae, among which the North America nebula stands out in the foreground. Legend has it that Arnaldo da Villanova, an alchemical doctor at the court of Frederick III, designed and modeled the site so that these stones could collect the energy of the stars to be used as astral medicine. It is clearly a legend but this image brings us closer to the suggestion that ultimately inspires man's imagination.
Canon 6dmod, Fornax Mount Lightrack II, Sigma 105mm, f/2, from around 00:00 to 3.30
Landscape: iso 200, 60 sec, stack of 17 images
Sky RGB: iso 200, 60 sec, stack of 17 images + flat field
Sky Halpha: iso 3200, 80 sec, stack of 18 images + dark frame +flat field