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Pink Moon Above Calascibetta Sicily

It is assumed that Calascibetta was born in the 9th century as a Muslim military camp, on the fortress in front of Henna, to attempt the siege of the Byzantine stronghold. The area was already inhabited in very ancient times, as evidenced by the necropolises dating back to the eleventh century BC.

Frequented in the Byzantine era as attested by nineteenth-century documents relating to frescoed Basilian caves, it is believed that a real and proper foundation of Calascibetta took place with the Norman conquest of the island, where it appears mentioned in 1062, when it was fortified by Roger I, who had the castle called "Marco", the first wall, the first village, during the siege of Castrogiovanni, and the great cathedral dedicating it to the Virgin Mary and the Apostle St. Peter.

In this image the Pink Moon rises above the town which maintains the structure of the ancient village still clearly visible. On the left it is possible to see the Norman Tower dating back to 1079 which was used by Count Ruggero as a watchtower and at the same time as a fortification of the ancient church of San Pietro.

canon 6d, Sigma 150-600mm @600mm,
landscape: iso 100, f/8, 15 sec
Moon: iso 800, f/6.3, 1/500 sec