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Earthshine Moon and Mercury alignment Above The Argimusco Plateau CaptionMoonlight Star Trail Above A Lavender Field - SicilySickle Moon Over The Temple Of Concord - Temples Valley - Unesco World Heritage Site CropGame Of Reflections - Triple Star Trail At Biviere Di Cesarò Lake - SicilyMilky Way With Jupiter and Saturn Above Mount Etna and Lake Biviere Di Cesarò2021 Super Moon Over Mazzarino Castle - Sicily 2The Pool Of Stars At Biviere Di CesaròMoonlight Star Trail Over a Wild Tulips Field - Blufi - SIcilyStars Suspended In A Magical Instant Between Night And DawnMilky Way Over Biviere di Cesarò Lake - SicilyMoon Over Mount Etna South East CraterTriumph Of Stars On The Erupting Mount EtnaDanw With Earthshine Moon at Santa Croce Lighthouse - Augusta - SicilyThe International Space Station Over San Giovanni Battista Church - Syracuse SicilyWinter Milky Way And Clouds Over Lake Sfondato - SicilyA Sicilian Dream from a Winter Night At Gurrida LakeStarry Brushstrokes In The Sky Above Capo Murro di Porco LighthouseCelestial Alignment At Plemmirio - Syracuse - Italy CaptionRising Moon Over Mongialino Castle 2Stars In the Temple Of Celestial Aphrodite - Segesta - Sicily - Italy