Dario Giannobile, Astrophotography...Nights and History of Sicily | Slideshow
Created 31-Dec-13
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This gallery contains some of my astronomical images: from nightscapes to startrails and so on
The Eagle Rock And The Moon EclipseUrsa Major and Ursa Minor Under A Spring Night With ConstellationsThe Mith of Aretusa and Alpheus Echoes Through Space and TimeMoon Jupiter and Venus Conjunction Behind The Plemmirio LighthouseThe Missing Observers 2A Crown For Saint Lucy - Syracuse - Unesco World HeritageTrails Of Lights And Fires On Mount Etna - Unesco World Heritage SiteOrtygia Star Trail - Syracuse Unesco World Heritage Site 2Moon And Venus Conjunction Over Ortygia - Syracuse - Unesco World Heritage LabelFlying toward the sky - Argimusco bisMoon Twilight at Marsala's Salt PondsPunta Mola in the SphereThe Spirit of Ancient Noto

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