Are you ready to have a look behind the scenes?

Today we begin what I hope will be a long journey! It is made of a series of technical articles that will whet your curiosity!!!

I will try to explain how I realized my favorite astronomical shots. However these are not standard recipes since each image will require different approach and even a single image can be improved in different ways.

We will speak of photography and color correction so I assume that you know a bit of both. I hope that you are confident with Photoshop tools, color space (RGB, Lab, CMYK), layer, lens, ISO and so on. If not, do not worry!!!!

Ask me whatever you want and, if you apologize my not so very technical english, I will try to teach as much as I know or I will give you the right advise to go deep in to the topic. So let’s start, let’s share my knowledge!!!!


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