A collection of time lapse from the star trail shots

Etna Eruption 16 March 2017 25 fps

Stars Above Mount Etna Unesco World Heritage Site 10 fps

The Eagle of Argimusco 2

The Eagle of Argimusco

Between the magic of the night and history of Sicily

Ognina Little Tower Time Lapse

souls of ancient noto

Castelluccio 2 - Noto - Syracuse

Castelluccio - Noto - Syracuse - Time lapse

Moon Rising at Punta Mola - Plemmirio

the missing observer 2 high quality 25 a 25 fps no blur

the missing observer high quality 50 a 25 fps

rotating sky above an old little car

Time Lapse - stars moving upon a little old car

Lightening on Syracuse Time Lapse

Time Lapse Souls of Pantalica

Time Lapse Argimusco The Prying Woman

Old rocky man time lapse

Argimusco time lapse2

Argimusco time lapse